Friday, April 18, 2008


The time has come, my friends. There is no escape. You know what i'm talking about.

It's time to get back into my pre-pregnancy body. I can't procrastinate any more.

Actually, i've started about three weeks ago. Signed myself up to a course at Studio C, in hope to get a better body without sweating too much. So far, everything has been going quite well. I think that in a few months i'll actually be able to put my foot on the bar, like the rest of the women in class. I like the way the class is going: everything is relaxed. Nothing is done in a hurry, and you can really feel the work on all the muscles. At this rate, i might actually look quite good for A. and M.'s wedding in August.
Thing is, the instructor incouraged us to try the Aerobics class they give there. I went this morning. Boy, was THAT a mistake! I mean - WTF with killing yourself in nightclub music, nightclub volume, and an instructor who is like the energizer bunny on speed? I stopped after some agonizing 25 minutes of nonstop junping/bouncing/doing intricate things with your legs and arms. I think I damaged my knees. And worse of all, I had to eat a stack of mediocre pancakes with terrible can whipped-cream to make up for the suffering.

He was right, my friend Mo, when he said "Fat is Beautiful". Also was right Garfield the cat, in his notorious reply to John's idea that he should get in shape, "Round is a shape".

Anyway, wish me luck. I really have nothing decent left to wear anymore.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I wish I was an ETSY girl.

IF I only had the stamina. Just look at it!

Because I have so many good ideas. Great ideas, even.

Ah well. One day.

Friday, March 21, 2008


One of my favorite holidays, despite its connection with killing other people, is Purim. Which was today (same day, it appears, as one of the greatest's birthday - J.S. Bach). The party person that I am, I couldn't resist forcing my fancies on the one person who doesn't have a say in it. yet. Baby G.
So I made him a costume - yesyes, hand made and all! Take in the small detail of the faux-buttons and the real pocket sown there.

Yes. He is my little chef. It's never too early to start using a knife properly!

Happy Purim, Ya'll!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Check out my new widget, down and right!
Featuring: Dilbert!

Gorsh, I just love the word widget.

the three months mark

Well. We have reached the three months mark. Baby is still alive, and is even growing and he seems quite happy, so I probably haven't done too much damage.

To commemorate the happy occasion, I started working on my PhD again. I'm telling you, it was so weired, dropping him off at his bubby L.'s place and going home to work. It's not the first time i'm leaving him with grandparents and going off to do stuff, but it's the first time i've done it in order to get some work done. I don't mind telling you I felt quite the separation anxiety.

Also, today we have the Special of the Day! quick schnitzel and noodles, which came out really good. Here goes:

marinate some flattened chicken breasts in a mixture of plum sauce, soy sauce and garlic, for about an hour. after changing baby's diaper, feeding the baby and changing him again, dip the breasts, without wiping, in flour, then in beatten egg, then in panko (extra crispy japanese bread crumbs) and fry. While all this is happening, cook some quick noodles - I have a pack of odon noodles for this occasion and see why baby is crying.
Leave baby in other room. Sit down and eat. Very good with mustard on top.

For dessert i'm having krembo. Top first. so there.

Note added:
Of course, i'm talking about dipping the chicken breasts in flour etc., not your own! Babies don't take fried food yet at this age...

Monday, March 3, 2008

surfacing for a while

Hi all.
It's been a while, hasn't it? The little mishmish is a week shy of three months old, and I don't know where time flies.
Our days are all the same: feeding, diaper changes, playing on the activity center, napping. His napping, not mine. Every now and then, if the weather permits, we go out for a walk. I already have the shopping mall coming out of my nose.
And the scariest part:
In a week or two I shall have to go back to working on my PhD. Yes, I know, i'm working on it from home and don't need to go far for it more than once a week. Still, I don't know how i'll be able to pull it off. It's not like I manage to do other productive activities around the house except some laundry every few days and a bit of cooking, about once a week.

Uch, so many whines.... I should give myself a decent shake. Chocolate shake.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry folks, for not logging in for - what is it? three weeks?
Well, the big even has happened. Last Tuesday, on December 11th, I gave birth to my wonderful little baby boy.

Gil arrived at quarter to three in the afternoon, weighing 2.95 kilos. He got a bit of jaundice, so they released him from the hospital only this Sunday, and we already had the Brith yesterday.

He is truly a wonderful little boy, and do you know what? he's also a kind of mishmish. especially with them cheeks of his, which are rosy and sweet and slightly fuzzy, and OH SO EDIBLE!

His daddy, as well as the happy grandparents, are in seventh heaven. Pictures shall arrive soon, when happy daddy wakes up from his catnap. He deserves it, poor man.

In the meanwhile, I am open for social visits. Just give me a call, you guys! If I don't answer the phone, I'll get back to you later - no phone conversations while feeding, you know...