Monday, March 3, 2008

surfacing for a while

Hi all.
It's been a while, hasn't it? The little mishmish is a week shy of three months old, and I don't know where time flies.
Our days are all the same: feeding, diaper changes, playing on the activity center, napping. His napping, not mine. Every now and then, if the weather permits, we go out for a walk. I already have the shopping mall coming out of my nose.
And the scariest part:
In a week or two I shall have to go back to working on my PhD. Yes, I know, i'm working on it from home and don't need to go far for it more than once a week. Still, I don't know how i'll be able to pull it off. It's not like I manage to do other productive activities around the house except some laundry every few days and a bit of cooking, about once a week.

Uch, so many whines.... I should give myself a decent shake. Chocolate shake.

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