Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry folks, for not logging in for - what is it? three weeks?
Well, the big even has happened. Last Tuesday, on December 11th, I gave birth to my wonderful little baby boy.

Gil arrived at quarter to three in the afternoon, weighing 2.95 kilos. He got a bit of jaundice, so they released him from the hospital only this Sunday, and we already had the Brith yesterday.

He is truly a wonderful little boy, and do you know what? he's also a kind of mishmish. especially with them cheeks of his, which are rosy and sweet and slightly fuzzy, and OH SO EDIBLE!

His daddy, as well as the happy grandparents, are in seventh heaven. Pictures shall arrive soon, when happy daddy wakes up from his catnap. He deserves it, poor man.

In the meanwhile, I am open for social visits. Just give me a call, you guys! If I don't answer the phone, I'll get back to you later - no phone conversations while feeding, you know...


Shin said...

I want to visit! :D
But first he had jaundice, and now i have the flu, which i'm sure he doesn't need... xD

yamca said...

Great to read you again.
Waiting for the pictures of the little fellow

zoeet said...

Congrats (again) for the new mishmish!!!