Monday, November 26, 2007

Full of zest

Really, I do not know what befell me. After nearly a week of being heavy and tired, not to say sleepy and pained, today I woke up ready to conquer the world, preferably the multy-tasking way.

So what's on the agenda? Cooking and baking!
I have already put in the oven a large batch of Fairy's granola, with cranberries instead of raisins, and right after that I shall make a few personal-sized rhubarb and raspberry torts. Recipe to that will arrive after they're made, when I decide exactly how to do them.

Also, all the wonderful soup recipes from the "stirring the cauldron" venture made me feel like souping, and so I am making some underground soup - potatos, sweet potatos, onions and leeks, carrots and mushrooms, will all combine into a thick, wintery soup for tonight. Also in store: sirloin strips in fresh mushrooms and guiness gravy (I reserved some in the freezer from a previous cooking craze).

Now, I know what I promised you. Some pictures of the latest craftiness that had attacked me last week. Here it is, then:

for mom and dad's kitchen

For little niece's room

and for little Ponchik's nursery

All presents have been delivered, and were well received. The only one left to still experience all the pressies is little Ponchik, of course. He's due in about two and a half weeks, and I know he's as impatient as I am for us to meet face-to-face already.

Well, back to the kitchen. Lots to do!


Shin said...

I love love love the one you made for your parents' kitchen, it has a wonderful art-deco-y feel to it. <3

Anonymous said...

where is my last comment?
did I not hit the "send"?

very strange...


I loved the bunnies!


chanit said...

כמה נחמד היה לגלות את הבלוג שלך היום, אוהבת את העבודות שלך וממשיכה לעיין.תודה על השיתוף :-)