Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Beginning

Welcome to my new blog!

This blog will be about the good things in life: food and drink, beauty, and, quite possibly, but don't catch me on my word here, cats and babies.

I'd like to apologize to all my Hebrew readers: I know you know enough English to tackle this. Just think of all my English-only readers who'd miss out on my pearls of wisdom if I wrote in Hebrew.

I hope you enjoy reading, and do feel free to comment. Sit back. Have a coffee and some home-made cake. I'm about to start rambling!


yifat said...



Ilan said...

Congrats on the new blog :)

YamCahol said...

Mazal Tov Buba

zoeet said...

Darling, what a treat! I know it's going to be delightful.