Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy day

Today I am crafting away. There is nothing like a clean and ready nursery to prompt one into making decorations. Last night the nursery was finally emptied and washed, the carpet was laid and now it is ready to receive some furniture and some decorations.

So since morning, I've been making little pictures to hang on the walls, as well as a big nursery clock - something to hide away the unsightly ventilation duct they put in the room when it was built.
My theme is Brian Paterson's Foxwood Tales. I got some extremely cute paper napkins with drawings from the book, and also a few canvasses. The idea is to glue the picture layer of the napkin on the canvas, thus getting a ready-made base picture. On it I shall probably add all sorts of embellishments, and finish off with a coat of water-based varnish.
For the clock, I'll poke a hole in the middle of the canvas and attach a clock mechanism.
Also, since I'm already in the mood, a couple of pictures are being made for my darling little niece - one themed "coffee cups", the other "butterflies".

Pictures are to follow once I'm done, I hope.

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zoeet said...

sounds adorable. waiting for the pictures...